Integrated MBA in Maritime Business Management

Excellent opportunity for Seafarers to build a successful career in commercial shipping business

​IMBA in collaboration with University of Plymouth is offering a 18 months fully integrated online MBA in Maritime Business Management.

Our integrated MBA provides an outstanding opportunity to accelerate your career into senior managerial positions.

(Only for Seafarers with certificate of competency (COC) Class 1 & 2)

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Integrated MBA in Maritime Business Management Program is a unique, international programme in collaboration with University of Plymouth, United Kingdom aimed at advancing promising seafarers into the future general managers, executives and leaders of the maritime industry.

MBA in Maritime Business Management Program is the only course of its kind that combines Management, Brokering, Chartering, Ship, Port, Terminal Management, Maritime Logistics and Law taught by industry experts and professionals from India and Abroad.

Along with academic excellence, MBA in Maritime Business Management Program strives to achieve a fine balance between theory and hands-on training on live projects to enhance the competitive edge of our students. This is assured by the involvement of our Academic and Corporate Network. MBA in Maritime Business Management Program students are continuously confronted with the preconceptions of ‘conventional wisdom’ and learn how to place them in their proper and wider economic perspective. These extra features not only provide you with the opportunity to understand the maritime sector in the real world but it also offers you the opportunity to network.

Join MBA in Maritime Business Management Program, enhance your management skills, obtain real understanding and know-how of the maritime sector and advance your career! Secure your place on this program by applying today.

Why study this course?

This MBA in Maritime Business Management Program will help develop your industry awareness, business administration knowledge and skills, and assist you in developing your management potential in today’s shipping industry.

Over 18 months you will gain detailed knowledge of general and specific industry issues influencing business managers,including management concepts, ships operations, the legal and regulatory environment, ship and crew management issues,and maritime logistics.

Delivered as a series of carefully designed study modules and dissertation over a 18 months period, which is written by industry practitioners and academics

Who should take this course?
  • Seafarers with certificate of competency (COC) Class 1 & 2 can gain a prestigious MBA from a leading UK University along with Certificate in Maritime Business Management from IMBA

  • Flexible delivery by an expert University school

  • Study from any location worldwide

  • Supported by online learning resources

  • Access to the University e-library 

  • Online Internship for hands-on training*


What sets our course apart?

Multi-Modular Program

A comprehensive 18 month multi-modular program offered by senior professionals from maritime industry plus a MBA project.

Action Learning

Through the course of the program, students are able to leverage classroom learning to build on their business projects and use the available resources to deliver a powerful plan for global maritime markets.

Real Time Brokering & Chartering

Our program uses real time brokering and chartering assignments to provide each participant hand on experience, making them ready for real world business situations and think like leaders.

Industry Mentors

We have handpicked the most relevant thought leaders from the maritime industry for mentoring of students

Why international maritime business management ?
course outline
Integrated MBA in Maritime business management

About this course


With a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, MBA in Maritime Business Management programme aims to leave candidates well-equipped for careers in ship brokering or ship operations/management internationally.

This stimulating and intellectually challenging course helps to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to operate successfully within the international maritime industry.

The course has a strong business focus and explores the complex factors involved in the maritime business and shipping operations worldwide. Students will also reflect on the key aspects of chartering, port agency and technical ship management and look at the impact of international trade on management strategies in the industry.


IMBA has collaborated with leading ship business houses to provide practical hands-on experience in Maritime Business Management. 

First 6 months

Specialization in Maritime business management

Course units

  • Maritime Management 

  • Maritime Operations and Transport

  • Economics of International Trade and Shipping

  • Ship Brokering

  • Ship Chartering

  • Port agency Operations

  • International Maritime Law

  • International Maritime Regulations


After 3 months of theoretical experience, students will be involved in active ship brokering where they will get an opportunity to fix business with the best players in the industry. Under our guidance and with their efficiency, students who fix business and generate revenue for the company will get the full reimbursement of the fees along with assured employment in a shipping company in addition to commissions on their fixtures.


Next 12 months

You will progress or articulate to the programme following the successfully completion of the programme (achieve an equivalent to 60 credits at level 7) which is the first 6 months.  You are required to undertake a single 60-credit Level 7 dissertation chosen from a broad range of topics from the maritime industry, under the supervision of an appropriate academic with relevant subject expertise.

Next 12 months consists of a single module: MBA project. The programme has no taught modules and support is provided through specially developed online learning resources and regular supervisory meetings, typically through email exchange and Skype or an equivalent software system. The programme is designed to be an academic challenge but appropriate support and guidance will be provided, particularly for those who have been away from higher education for a while. 

For Further information and application details

Please register with us for a counselling session . Where our guidance counselor will provide you with all the information.

Career opportunities


With a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our graduates are well equipped for careers in Maritime Management, Operations and Transport, Ship Brokering, Ship Management or Port Operations and Management Internationally.

Suitable roles for graduates include:

  • General and project management roles within relevant maritime organisations and businesses.

  • Ship and Shipping Company Management.

  • Ship Brokering 

  • Marine Business Development Manager.

  • Voyage Operations Manager.

  • Port Agency Manager.

  • Ship Charterer.

  • Vessel Operator.

Admission Requirements

  • Only for Seafarers with certificate of competency (COC) Class 1 & 2)

  • Fluency in English


Career & Jobs

There are more than 10,000, shipping companies operating out of India. They have regular openings for trained professionals. These companies typically hire candidates from BBA and MBA and train them in Maritime Industry as they lack practical knowledge of commercial shipping and they are not prepared to take an active role in the job. This MBA in Maritime Business Management is designed to prepare you with deep understanding of the maritime industry with hands on training which will prepare you for active role from day one.

The types of positions held by our certificate holders vary widely from the selection below.

Maritime Consultant

Voyage operator
Junior Officer
Cargo Operator
Project Analyst
Chartering Broker
Freight Trader
General Director of Maritime Affairs

Manning Executive

Chartering Manger
Ship Broker
Ship Manager
Head of Marine Transportation &
Regional Commercial Manager
Maritime Economist
Port Agent

Port Operations Manager

Shipping Manager

Job Placements assistance provided. So far 100% placement of previous batches

key program information
  • Delivery: Online Only

  • Duration: 18 months

  • MBA degree provided by University of Plymouth, UK (Students can attend graduation ceremony at University of Plymouth)

  • Specialization Certificate Awarded by IMBA